10×10 Ft Outdoor Patio Retractable Pergola With Canopy


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10×10 Ft Outdoor Patio Retractable Pergola With Canopy

Are you considering adding any landscape to your backyard? Could a green landscape formed by vines become a highlight in the backyard? If your answer is positive, this white iron pergola can be a perfect choice for you. The white whole structure of this iron pergola brings a romantic atmosphere. When green vines cover the shelves, it will become a wonderful place to relax and rest in the backyard. User don’t need to worry about the stability and durability of this iron pergola as it made of pure iron and has powder coated iron frame. Sufficient self-weight can guarantee the stability of this iron pergola during the long-term usage. The exquisite details of this pergola perform the excellent manufacture crafts. Dress up your backyard with this white iron pergola. Pick it right now!




Mediterranean Style


With a large square shelf area of 95 sq ft which can accommodate plenty of vines, this white iron pergola can assist user to create a beautiful place in patio. Turn your patio into a naturally oasis by allowing vines and roses grow across this iron pergola. Sculptured rafters and trellises crisscross both directions and give it strength as well as flair.

Superior Material


Pure iron was chosen as the only material of this large pergola to ensure the stability and durability in the long-term usage. The surfaces of pure iron rafters and pillars are covered with paint to prevent it from rusting. At the same time, all the use of pure iron also leads to the weight of the whole product is relatively heavy.

Chic Lid Covers


There are four chic lid design covers at the bottom of each pillar, which makes the overall appearance looks more wonderful. These four chic lid covers are made of pure iron as well, and coated with the same white paint to be consistent with pillars. These chic lid design covers not only guarantee the fixity, but also improve the beauty of details.

Exquisite Manufacture Crafts


All parts of this white iron pergola have been polished with exquisite crafts, in that way, this iron pergola presents perfect effect in details as well. There are four chic lid design covers at the top of each pillar, that echo with the covers at the bottom, and it complete the overall beauty. Sleek seams and hidden joints can avoid accident hurt in usage.

Install Instruction & Dimensions


Since this white pergola is manufactured with pure iron, the overall weight of it is relatively heavy, and the installation process is not so easy and convenient. We recommend 2-4 adults to install this product and it would cost about 2 hours. The logical instruction manual with clear illustration to assist users complete the installation process smoothly. The dimension of each pillar is 3.15 x 3.15 inch, and the dimension of each rafter is 1.2 x 2.4 inch


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